What is the Wintrust Financial Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

What is the Wintrust Financial Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

Discover the Wintrust Financial net worth and gain insights into their revenue, market cap, and overall financial performance.

Ando Money delves into the financial details to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this prominent financial institution.

Quick Facts

NameWintrust Financial Corporation
Full NameWintrust Financial Corporation
Traded asNasdaq: WTFC
FoundersEd Wehmer
Country/TerritoryUnited States
HeadquartersRosemont, Illinois
Chief Executive OfficerTim Crane
Number of EmployeesN/A
Market Cap$5.68 billion
Total Assets$56 billion
Total EquityN/A
Revenue$2.21 billion (2022)
Net Income$187.3 million (Q1 2024)

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of Wintrust Financial in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of Wintrust Financial in 2024?

The market cap of Wintrust Financial in 2024 is $5.68 billion. This positions Wintrust Financial as a solid player in the banking industry.

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To put this in perspective, Wintrust Financial’s market cap is larger than John Deere at $4.34 billion but smaller than East West Bank at $10.14 billion.

In comparison to JPMorgan Chase, which has a market cap of $491.76 billion, Wintrust Financial is a relatively smaller entity.

Despite this, it maintains a robust presence in the financial sector, especially within the biggest banks in USA category.

Wintrust Financial Financial Performance Overview

Wintrust Financial Corporation has shown impressive financial performance, particularly in the first quarter of 2024. The company reported a net income of $187.3 million, a significant increase from the previous quarter.

This growth is attributed to the company’s diversified revenue streams and effective management strategies.

Wintrust Financial Financial Performance Overview

Revenue Streams

Wintrust’s revenue streams are diverse, contributing to its stability and growth. The primary sources of revenue include interest income from loans and investments, as well as non-interest income from fees and services.

The company reported gains from the sale of its Retirement Benefits Advisors division, which added approximately $20 million to its non-interest income. Additionally, favorable net valuation adjustments related to mortgage assets and other financial activities have positively impacted revenue.

Loan Portfolio

The composition of Wintrust’s loan portfolio is a key factor in its financial success.

The total loans increased by $1.1 billion in the first quarter of 2024, reflecting a 10% annualized growth. This growth was driven by strong loan origination in both commercial and residential real estate portfolios.

The company’s strategic focus on maintaining high credit standards while expanding its loan portfolio has contributed to its robust financial health.

Deposit Trends

Deposits play a crucial role in Wintrust’s financial structure. The total deposits increased by $1.1 billion, or 9% annualized, in the first quarter of 2024.

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This growth was driven by competitively priced deposit products that attracted new customers while retaining existing ones.

The balance between interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing deposits has helped the company manage its net interest margin effectively.

Investment Strategies

Wintrust’s investment strategies are designed to optimize returns while managing risk.

The company has a well-diversified investment portfolio that includes various securities and financial instruments.

Key investment strategies have led to positive outcomes, contributing to the company’s overall financial stability. The focus on long-term franchise value and net interest income has been a driving force behind these strategies.

Impact of Economic Factors

Economic factors such as market conditions, interest rate changes, and regulatory developments significantly impact Wintrust’s financial performance.

The company’s ability to navigate these factors through strategic planning and risk management has been instrumental in maintaining its financial health.

For instance, despite a slight decrease in net interest margin due to competitive deposit pricing, the company managed to achieve record quarterly net revenue.

Cost Management

Effective cost management is vital for Wintrust’s financial success. The company has implemented various strategies to reduce operating expenses while maintaining efficiency.

In the first quarter of 2024, the company recorded an accrual of $5.2 million for estimated FDIC special assessments, reflecting its proactive approach to managing regulatory costs.

Additionally, the company’s efficiency ratios highlight its commitment to cost-effective operations.

Technological Innovations

Adoption of new technologies has significantly impacted Wintrust’s financial performance. Technological advancements have streamlined operations, enhanced customer experiences, and reduced costs.

For example, the implementation of advanced digital banking solutions has improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, contributing to the company’s revenue growth.

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Future Growth Opportunities

Wintrust is well-positioned for future growth, with several strategic initiatives aimed at expanding its market presence.

Potential areas for expansion include acquiring new customer segments, enhancing digital capabilities, and exploring new geographical markets.

The recent agreement to acquire Macatawa Bank Corporation in Michigan is a testament to the company’s growth ambitions and strategic planning.

FAQs about Wintrust Financial

FAQs about Wintrust Financial

How does Wintrust Financial Corporation operate?

Wintrust operates over 175 community banks in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

What services does Wintrust Financial offer?

Services provided by Wintrust Financial include:

  • Personal Banking: Checking, savings accounts, loans, and mortgages.
  • Business Banking: Business accounts, loans, and treasury management.
  • Wealth Management: Investment and trust services, estate planning.
  • Mortgage Services: Home loans, refinancing, and equity lines.

How can I buy or sell Wintrust Financial Corporation stock?

Wintrust Financial Corporation’s stock, traded on NASDAQ as WTFC, can be bought or sold through a stockbroker or a financial institution with brokerage services.

Does Wintrust Financial Corporation pay dividends?

Yes, Wintrust Financial pays dividends. Historical dividend information is available on their investor relations page.

What is the company’s approach to mergers and acquisitions?

Wintrust Financial actively acquires banks to expand. They focus on seamless integration to maintain service quality and community banking.

How does a merger or acquisition impact customers?

Acquisitions may change account numbers, fees, and services. Customers should review all bank notices to understand these changes.

Who is the transfer agent for Wintrust Financial Corporation?

The transfer agent is Equiniti Trust Company, LLC. They manage dividend deposits, account updates, and report lost certificates.

How can I contact Wintrust Financial’s Investor Relations?

Contact David A. Dykstra, Senior Executive Vice President, at:

What is Wintrust Financial’s commitment to community banking?

Wintrust focuses on local decision-making and personalized service, supporting local economies through investments and tailored solutions.

How can I obtain financial reports and SEC filings for Wintrust Financial?

Request reports from the investor relations page or access the SEC’s EDGAR database online.

How does Wintrust Financial handle customer feedback and support?

Wintrust is committed to customer satisfaction. They offer support through local branches, phone, and their website.


Wintrust Financial has showcased remarkable growth in 2024. Learn more about their financial performance and join the discussion.

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