What is the John Deere Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

Get the latest insights on John Deere net worth and financial performance in 2024. Learn from Ando Money about market cap, revenue streams, and strategic initiatives shaping this industry leader.

Quick Facts

NameJohn Deere
Full NameDeere & Company
Traded asNASDAQ: DE
FoundersJohn Deere
Country/TerritoryUnited States
HeadquartersMoline, Illinois
Chief Executive OfficerJohn C. May
Number of Employees83,000
Market Cap$4.34 billion
Total Assets$59 billion
Total EquityN/A
Revenue$15.235 billion (Q2 2024)
Net Income$2.370 billion (Q2 2024)

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap of John Deere in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Market Cap of John Deere in 2024

The market capitalization of John Deere in 2024 stands at $4.34 billion. This figure, while significant, places John Deere behind other major banks and financial institutions in terms of market value.

For instance, Synovus and Valley Bank both have market caps of $5.51 billion, whereas Goldman Sachs towers over these with a market cap of $143.97 billion.

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Despite this, John Deere remains a strong player within its industry, leveraging its substantial total assets valued at $59 billion to maintain a competitive edge.

This positioning underscores John Deere’s resilience and strategic importance in the financial sector among the biggest banks in the USA.

John Deere Financial Performance Overview

John Deere Financial Performance Overview

Revenue and Profit Breakdown

John Deere‘s financial performance in 2024 has been a tale of navigating challenging market conditions while maintaining a strong foothold in its core sectors.

Revenue streams are primarily driven by agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and financial services.

In the second quarter of 2024, the bank reported net sales and revenues of $15.235 billion, down from $17.387 billion the previous year.

This decline was primarily due to softening demand in the agricultural sector and a slight decrease in construction equipment sales.

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery remains a vital component of John Deere’s revenue.

However, the production & precision agriculture segment saw a decrease, with net sales falling by 16% to $6.581 billion.

The operating profit in this segment also dropped by 24% to $1.650 billion. Despite these challenges, price realization and strategic inventory management helped mitigate some of the negative impacts.

Construction Equipment

The construction & forestry segment, while facing a 7% decline in net sales to $3.844 billion, continues to be a stable revenue generator.

Operating profit in this segment decreased by 20% to $668 million. Deere & Company’s focus on innovation and market adaptation has allowed it to maintain a reasonable operating margin of 17.4% despite these hurdles.

Financial Services

Deere & Company’s financial services segment experienced a substantial increase, with net income soaring by 479% to $162 million.

This was largely due to income earned on higher average portfolio balances, though partially offset by a higher provision for credit losses and less favorable financing spreads.

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Factors Influencing Financial Performance

Deere & Company’s performance is influenced by several critical factors. The global agricultural demand has seen a decline, impacting the sales of large agricultural machinery.

Conversely, the construction industry has remained relatively stable, providing a buffer against the downturn in the agricultural sector.

Technological innovations and investments in precision agriculture have also played a crucial role.

Deere & Company’s commitment to integrating advanced technologies into its product lines aims to enhance productivity and sustainability, positioning the company for long-term success.

Detailed Financial Reports and Statements

Deere & Company’s quarterly earnings reports provide a comprehensive view of its financial health.

In Q2 2024, the company reported a net income of $2.370 billion, down from $2.860 billion in the same quarter of the previous year.

The earnings per share (EPS) also dropped to $8.53 from $9.65.

The balance sheet analysis reveals that John Deere’s total assets amount to $59 billion, underscoring the company’s substantial economic footprint.

The company’s strategic management of these assets is crucial for maintaining liquidity and supporting its operational needs.

Market Position and Competitive Landscape

In terms of market position, Deere & Company holds a significant share in the agriculture and construction machinery sectors.

While its market cap is smaller compared to some of the industry’s giants, the bank competes effectively through its robust product portfolio and strong brand reputation.

A SWOT analysis highlights Deere & Company’s strengths in innovation and market presence, weaknesses in reliance on the agricultural sector, opportunities in expanding financial services, and threats from economic downturns and competitive pressures.

Shareholder Value and Stock Performance

Deere & Company’s historical stock performance reflects its strategic decisions and market conditions.

The company maintains a consistent dividend policy, with a recent payout of $1.47 per share. This commitment to shareholder value, along with transparent investor relations, supports confidence in John Deere’s long-term prospects.

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Strategic Initiatives and Future Outlook

Deere & Company’s future growth hinges on strategic initiatives such as investments in sustainable technologies and expanding its precision agriculture offerings.

The company is also focusing on managing production and inventory levels to adapt to changing market demands.

The future outlook remains cautiously optimistic, with projections for continued innovation and market adaptation. However, challenges such as geopolitical risks, regulatory changes, and economic fluctuations could impact future performance.

FAQs about John Deere

FAQs about John Deere

What is the History of John Deere?

Founded in 1837 by John Deere, the company revolutionized farming with the steel plow. This innovation helped farmers till tough soil efficiently, setting the stage for Deere’s success.

What are the Iconic Colors of John Deere?

Deere & Company’s equipment features a trademarked green and yellow color scheme, making it instantly recognizable and symbolizing its commitment to quality.

How Did John Deere Contribute to Agricultural Innovation?

The bank leads in agricultural innovation with technologies like the ExactEmerge planting system and X9 combine, which enhance productivity and efficiency for farmers.

What is JDLink and How Does it Benefit Farmers?

JDLink is a telematics system that connects machines to the John Deere Operations Center. It tracks data like fuel use and machine location, helping farmers manage fleets and maintenance more effectively.

How Many Tractor Models Has Deere & Company Produced?

Since 1918, John Deere has produced over 700 tractor models, ranging from utility to high-horsepower and tracked tractors, meeting diverse agricultural needs.

What is the Significance of the John Deere Logo?

The leaping deer logo symbolizes John Deere’s strength and reliability. It is one of the world’s most recognized logos, representing the company’s enduring commitment to excellence.

What Role Did John Deere Play During World War II?

During WWII, Deere & Company formed a battalion to repair tanks and produced military equipment, showcasing its versatility and dedication to national service.

How Does John Deere Support Sustainability?

John Deere promotes sustainability through innovations like the See & Spray system, reducing chemical use and protecting soil and waterways.

What is the John Deere Experience?

The John Deere Experience is an interactive center that educates visitors on the company’s history, innovations, and impact on agriculture.

What Financial Services Does John Deere Offer?

The bank offers financing and leasing options to help customers acquire equipment, supporting farmers and businesses in enhancing their operations.


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