What is the China Everbright Bank Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance

Welcome to our detailed analysis of China Everbright Bank net worth and market cap for 2024. Learn about the bank’s financial performance, assets, and investments.

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Quick Facts

NameChina Everbright Bank
Full NameChina Everbright Bank Co., Ltd.
Traded as601818.SS (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
FoundedAugust 1992
FoundersPeople’s Bank of China
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Chief Executive OfficerZhi Heng Wang
Number of Employees47,582
Market Cap174.80 billion CNY (24.10 billion USD)
Total Assets$954.4 billion
Total Equity$4.433 billion (2023)
Revenue$40.5 billion
Net IncomeN/A

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of China Everbright Bank in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of China Everbright Bank in 2024?

The market cap of China Everbright Bank in 2024 stands at 174.80 billion CNY (24.10 billion USD). This positions the bank competitively within the industry.

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For comparison, China Minsheng Bank has a market cap of $21.55 billion, and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank boasts a market cap of $32.92 billion.

These figures highlight China Everbright Bank’s strong market position among its peers, making it one of the leading global banks.

China Everbright Bank Financial Performance Overview

China Everbright Bank, established in August 1992, is one of China’s leading joint-stock commercial banks.

With a focus on cross-border asset management and private equity investments, the bank has grown to become a key player in the financial industry, known for its resilience and strategic investments.

China Everbright Bank Financial Performance Overview

Financial Performance Analysis

In 2023, China Everbright Bank showed a significant turnaround in financial performance. The bank’s total income reached HK$16.61 billion ($2.29 billion).

This improvement was driven by a substantial reduction in net losses from investments. The gearing ratio increased to 95%, reflecting the bank’s strategic financial management.

Assets and Investments

The bank’s assets under management (AUM) stood at HK$126.2 billion ($17.38 billion) by the end of 2023.

This portfolio includes primary market funds, secondary market funds, and Fund of Funds (FoFs).

Significant investments in companies like China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (CALC), Everbright Senior Healthcare, and Terminus have contributed to the bank’s robust asset base.

Shareholder Structure and Influence

China Everbright Group is the largest shareholder, holding a 49.74% stake in the bank.

The influence of Central Huijin Investment and the China Investment Corporation is also notable, as these entities help shape the bank’s strategic direction and financial stability.

Economic and Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment, governed by entities like the People’s Bank of China and the State Council, has a significant impact on the bank’s operations.

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Compliance with stringent regulations ensures financial stability and investor confidence.

The economic policies in China also play a crucial role in shaping the bank’s strategic decisions and market performance.

Future Outlook and Strategic Plans

Looking ahead to 2024, China Everbright Bank aims to further enhance its asset management business.

The focus will be on establishing a multi-channel financing mechanism and expanding cross-market operations.

The bank plans to invest more in technological innovation and specialized industries, ensuring long-term growth and profitability.

FAQs about China Everbright Bank

FAQs about China Everbright Bank

When was China Everbright Bank founded?

China Everbright Bank was founded in August 1992. It is among the first joint-stock commercial banks in China, set up to support economic reforms.

Where is China Everbright Bank headquartered?

The headquarters is in Beijing, China’s capital. This location supports its vast operations domestically and internationally.

What industry is China Everbright Bank in?

The bank is in the banking industry. It offers retail, corporate, investment banking, and asset management services.

Is China Everbright Bank a public company?

Yes, it is a public company. It is listed on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.

What is China Everbright Bank’s stock symbol?

The ticker symbol is 601818 on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

What types of financial products does China Everbright Bank offer?

The bank provides a wide range of financial products:

  • Deposit accounts
  • Personal and corporate loans
  • Credit cards
  • Wealth management
  • Investment banking services

How does China Everbright Bank support technological innovation?

It invests in digital banking solutions like mobile apps and online platforms to enhance customer experience.

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What is the role of China Everbright Bank in the Belt and Road Initiative?

The bank supports the Belt and Road Initiative by financing and backing infrastructure projects, promoting international cooperation.


In conclusion, China Everbright Bank has shown strong financial performance and a robust market cap of 24.10 billion USD in 2024.

With strategic investments and a solid asset base, the bank is well-positioned for future growth. For more detailed financial insights, visit andomoney.com.

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