What is the China Minsheng Bank Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance

What is the China Minsheng Bank Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance

Have you ever wondered about China Minsheng Bank net worth? Today, we’re diving deep into the financial depths of this banking giant.

Whether you’re an investor, a finance student, or just plain curious, this piece is tailored just for you!

Quick Facts

NameChina Minsheng Bank
Full NameChina Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.
Traded asShanghai Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Chief Executive OfficerGao Yingxin
Number of Employees63,742
Market Cap$21.55 billion
Total Assets$1,064.22 billion
Total Equity$88.11 billion
Revenue$4.72 billion (Q1 2024)
Net Income$1.85 billion (Q1 2024)

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of China Minsheng Bank in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of China Minsheng Bank in 2024?

China Minsheng Bank’s market capitalization as of 2024 is 156.41 billion CNY ($21.55 billion). This positions the bank prominently within the Chinese banking sector.

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However, it is important to note that the bank is smaller compared to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (249.28 billion USD), Postal Savings Bank of China (63.62 billion USD), and the China Merchants Bank (117.22 billion USD).

Understanding these figures gives a clear perspective on where China Minsheng Bank stands in the competitive landscape.

The bank’s focus on innovative financial products and its extensive service offerings for SMEs contribute significantly to its valuation.

China Minsheng Bank Financial Performance Overview

China Minsheng Bank Financial Performance Overview

Detailed Analysis of Financial Statements

China Minsheng Bank (CMB) presents a robust financial structure with total assets amounting to 7,727,511 million CNY ($1,064.22 billion). This is an increase of 0.68% from the previous year, showcasing steady growth.

The bank’s total loans and advances to customers have reached 4,498,726 million CNY ($619.88 billion), reflecting a 2.60% increase.

This growth indicates a strong demand for the bank’s lending services, especially among corporate clients.

Moreover, the bank’s total liabilities stand at 7,075,029 million CNY ($975.05 billion), a slight increase of 0.54%.

This manageable growth in liabilities points to effective risk management and a balanced approach to leveraging.

The equity attributable to shareholders has also grown to 639,200 million CNY ($88.11 billion), marking a 2.34% increase, which is a positive sign for investors.

Profitability and Income Sources

The bank’s profitability metrics reveal a net profit of 13,431 million CNY ($1.85 billion), a decrease of 5.63% from the previous year.

This decline is primarily due to fluctuations in the capital market impacting non-interest income.

Nevertheless, the bank’s net interest income remains strong at 24,262 million CNY ($3.34 billion), underscoring the importance of its lending activities.

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The operating income stands at 34,273 million CNY ($4.72 billion), a decrease of 6.80%, which indicates challenges in generating non-interest income.

Risk Management and Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

Risk management remains a critical focus for CMB. The bank has a non-performing loan ratio of 1.44%, a slight improvement from the previous year’s 1.48%.

This decrease in NPL ratio indicates better asset quality and effective management of credit risks.

The bank’s allowance for non-performing loans is 149.36%, ensuring adequate coverage for potential loan losses.

Strategic Initiatives and Digital Transformation

CMB is actively pursuing strategic initiatives to enhance its market position.

The bank has made significant strides in digital transformation, aiming to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Key projects include the development of the E-Order+ (订单e+) platform for supply chain financing and the Sparks Platform for sci-tech innovation finance.

These initiatives are designed to support the bank’s strategic focus on SMEs and innovation-driven enterprises.

Key Entities and Leadership

The leadership team at China Minsheng Bank, headed by Gao Yingxin, plays a pivotal role in driving the bank’s performance.

Other key figures include Wang Xiaoyong, Li Bin, and Yin Xuwen, each contributing to the bank’s strategic direction and operational success.

The bank’s governance practices ensure that these leaders can effectively steer the institution towards its goals.

External Factors Influencing Net Worth

Several external factors influence China Minsheng Bank’s net worth. The economic and regulatory environment in China plays a significant role, as does the impact of national banking policies.

Global market trends also affect the bank, particularly in areas such as cross-border financing and international trade.

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Investor Insights and Future Outlook

Investors looking at CMB should note its strategic initiatives and digital transformation efforts as key growth drivers.

The bank’s strong asset base and effective risk management practices provide a solid foundation for future growth.

With a focus on innovation and customer-centric services, the bank is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the financial sector.

FAQs about China Minsheng Bank

FAQs about China Minsheng Bank

What is the history of China Minsheng Bank?

CMB started in 1996 in Beijing. It is the first national joint-stock commercial bank in China founded by non-state-owned enterprises. The bank primarily serves the private sector and focuses on SMEs.

What is the address of CMB’s head office?

The head office is at No.2 Fuxingmennei Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing, China.

How often does CMB disclose its financial information?

CMB discloses its financial information quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. These reports include detailed financial performance and updates for stakeholders.

What are the primary services offered by CMB?

CMB offers services like corporate banking, personal banking, and financial market services. These include deposits, loans, credit cards, wealth management, and e-banking solutions.

How can investors acquire information on the bank?

Investors can get information by:

  • Visiting the official websites of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Minsheng Bank.
  • Contacting the investor relations hotline at +86-10-58560975 or +86-10-58560824.
  • Sending inquiries to cmbc@cmbc.com.cn.

What is the organizational structure of CMB?

CMB’s structure includes a Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, and a management team. Various departments handle corporate governance, risk management, and internal controls.

What is the strategic focus of China Minsheng Bank?

The bank focuses on enhancing services for SMEs, promoting financial innovation, expanding its customer base, and improving risk management.

How does CMB support environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives?

CMB is committed to sustainable development, social responsibility, and good governance.

It publishes annual ESG reports detailing its efforts and achievements, showing its dedication to positive societal and environmental impacts.


As one of the biggest banks worldwide, China Minsheng Bank’s financial narrative is not just impressive, it’s a learning curve for many.

Their current net worth reflects strategic adaptability and market foresight. For more insights, visit andomoney.com and stay updated with expert analysis.

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