What is the Regions Financial Corporation Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024?

What is the Regions Financial Corporation Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024?

Hi, I’m Ando Money. Learn all about Regions Financial Corporation net worth and financial health. Dive into the numbers and see how this major player stacks up.

Quick Facts

NameRegions Financial Corporation
Full NameRegions Financial Corporation
Traded asNYSE

Country/TerritoryUnited States
HeadquartersBirmingham, Alabama
Chief Executive OfficerJohn Turner
Number of Employees20,101
Market Cap$18.02 billion
Total Assets$153 billion
Total EquityN/A
Revenue$1.7 billion (1Q24)
Net Income$343 million (1Q24)

What is the Net Worth/Market Cap Of Regions Financial Corporation in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/Market Cap Of Regions Financial Corporation in 2024?

Regions Financial Corporation, with a market capitalization of $18.02 billion, stands as a significant player in the financial sector.

This figure, although impressive, places it in a competitive yet slightly modest position compared to some of its industry counterparts.

For instance, Ameriprise boasts a higher market cap of $38.44 billion, reflecting its larger scale and broader market influence. Meanwhile, M&T Bank has a market cap of $22.75 billion, positioning it slightly ahead of Regions.

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On the other hand, Ally Financial, with a market cap of $10.53 billion, falls behind Regions, highlighting Regions’ substantial market presence.

This comparison underscores Regions Financial Corporation’s robust standing in the industry, reflecting its strategic focus and operational efficiency.

Regions Financial Corp Financial Performance Overview

Regions Financial Corp Financial Performance Overview

Regions, a member of the S&P 500 Index, operates approximately 1,250 banking offices and over 2,000 ATMs across the South, Midwest, and Texas.

With a history dating back to 1971, it has built a strong reputation for providing a full range of banking and financial services.

Financial Performance Analysis

In the first quarter of 2024, Regions reported a net income of $343 million and earnings per diluted share of $0.37.

Total revenue for the quarter reached $1.7 billion, highlighting a solid performance amidst challenging market conditions.

The company’s key financial metrics and indicators demonstrate a robust and diversified revenue stream, which includes both interest and non-interest income.

Despite a decrease in net interest income due to higher deposit and funding costs, non-interest income showed resilience with significant contributions from wealth management and mortgage income.

Revenue Streams and Business Segments

Regions Financial Corporation’s revenue is derived from various business segments, ensuring a diversified income stream.

The consumer banking segment remains a major contributor, providing essential services to individual customers.

Corporate banking, another significant segment, caters to business clients with a range of financial solutions.

Additionally, wealth management services have shown notable growth, reflecting the company’s ability to attract and retain high-net-worth clients.

Impact of Market Conditions

Market conditions play a crucial role in the financial performance of Regions.

Economic factors such as interest rate changes and inflation directly impact the company’s revenue and profitability.

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For example, fluctuations in interest rates can affect the net interest margin, which in the first quarter of 2024 stood at 3.55%.

Competitive dynamics within the banking industry also influence market positioning and customer acquisition strategies.

Asset and Liability Management

Effective asset and liability management is essential for maintaining financial stability. Regions  has demonstrated strong credit quality and loan performance, with an allowance for credit losses amounting to $1.73 billion.

The management of liabilities, including the strategic use of debt and equity financing, supports the company’s overall financial health.

Earnings and Profitability

The company’s earnings reports provide valuable insights into its profitability. With a net interest income of $1.2 billion and non-interest income of $563 million, Regions has maintained a strong earnings profile.

The profit margins and return on equity further illustrate its ability to generate substantial returns for shareholders, despite challenges in the broader economic environment.

Capital and Liquidity Position

Regions Financial Corporation maintains a solid capital and liquidity position, essential for sustaining operations and supporting growth initiatives.

The Common Equity Tier 1 ratio is estimated at 10.3%, indicating a strong capital base. The company’s liquidity management strategies ensure that it has sufficient resources to meet its obligations and invest in future opportunities.

Risk Management Practices

Proactive risk management practices are crucial for mitigating potential financial risks. Regions employs comprehensive interest rate risk management, credit risk assessment, and operational risk controls.

The use of hedging strategies further enhances its ability to navigate volatile market conditions.

Shareholder Value and Stock Performance

Shareholder value is a key focus for Regions . The company’s dividend policies and share repurchase programs demonstrate its commitment to returning value to shareholders.

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The performance of Regions’ stock on the NYSE, with the ticker symbol RF, reflects market confidence in its strategic direction and financial health.

Future Outlook and Strategic Plans

Looking ahead, Regions is focused on achieving long-term strategic goals and capitalizing on market opportunities.

The company’s growth projections are supported by a solid financial foundation and a proactive approach to managing economic and market risks.

Potential challenges include regulatory changes and market volatility, which the company is well-prepared to address through its robust risk management framework.

FAQs about Regions Financial Corporation

FAQs about Regions Financial Corporation

What is the history of Regions Financial Corporation?

Regions Financial Corporation was formed in 1971 as First Alabama Bankshares, Inc., a merger of three Alabama banks.

It grew through acquisitions, including Union Planters in 2004 and AmSouth in 2006.

What services does Regions Financial Corporation offer?

Regions offers consumer and commercial banking, wealth management, and mortgage products.

Services include checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, personal and commercial loans, investment advice, and estate planning.

Where is Regions headquartered?

The bank is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

What is the mission of Regions?

Regions’ mission is to make life better for customers, associates, and communities by helping them meet their financial goals, thus providing superior economic value for shareholders.

What are some recent accolades or recognitions received by Regions?

Regions was named a 2024 Military Friendly Employer and received the 2024 Presidential Award for excellence in supporting exports.

Who are the key executives at Regions Financial Corporation?

Key executives include John Turner, CEO, and David Turner, CFO.

What initiatives does Regions have for supporting veterans?

The bank supports veterans through the BRAVE program, Military Spouse Employment Partnership, and Hiring Our Heroes. These initiatives help veterans transition to civilian careers.

How does Regions engage with the community?

Regions engages with the community through financial literacy programs, support for local businesses, and community development projects.


Regions Financial Corporation remains a key player among the biggest banks in the USA. Visit andomoney.com for more insights into their net worth and financial standing.

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