What is the First National of Nebraska Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

What is the First National of Nebraska Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

First National of Nebraska net worth in 2024 is a hot topic. Ando Money dives into the details, examining financial health, asset management, and overall performance. Discover how this bank stacks up in today’s market.

Quick Facts

NameFirst National of Nebraska
Full NameFirst National Bank of Nebraska
Traded asN/A
FoundersHerman Kountze and Augustus Kountze
Country/TerritoryUnited States
HeadquartersOmaha, Nebraska
Chief Executive OfficerClark Lauritzen
Number of Employees5,000+
Market Cap$5.62 billion
Total Assets$46 billion
Total Equity$2.93 billion
Net Income$127.62 million (Q1 2024)
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What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of First National of Nebraska in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of First National of Nebraska in 2024?

First National of Nebraska’s market cap is estimated at $5.62 billion in 2024. This places it ahead of South State Corporation with $4.21 billion and Bank OZK at $4.82 billion.

However, it remains significantly smaller compared to industry giant Wells Fargo, which boasts a market cap of $208.41 billion.

The disparity illustrates the diverse scales of financial institutions within the American banking sector.

For those interested in the financial standings of various banks, the top American banks list provides a comprehensive comparison and is a useful resource for gauging the estimated values of major players in the industry.

First National of Nebraska Financial Performance Overview

First National of Nebraska Financial Performance Overview

First National of Nebraska showcases a robust financial health profile. With total assets amounting to $46 billion, the bank demonstrates solid asset management capabilities.

The net income for the period ended March 31, 2024, reached $127.62 million, reflecting significant profitability. This performance is supported by a strong shareholders’ equity of $2.93 billion.

Breakdown of Assets and Liabilities

A closer look at the bank’s assets reveals a diversified portfolio. The total assets of $46 billion comprise a mix of loans, leases, and other financial instruments.

On the liabilities side, deposits total $26.08 billion, providing a substantial base for funding operations.

This balance between assets and liabilities highlights the bank’s prudent approach to maintaining financial equilibrium.

Shareholders’ Equity and Market Value

Shareholders’ equity stands at $2.93 billion, indicating strong investor confidence and a solid capital base.

This equity forms a critical part of the bank’s market value, enhancing its appeal to potential investors.

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The market cap of $5.62 billion further reflects the bank’s valued position within the financial market.

Revenue Streams and Income Sources

First National of Nebraska generates revenue from various streams. Interest income is a major contributor, amounting to $651.46 million.

This figure has seen substantial growth, showcasing effective interest-earning strategies.

Additionally, noninterest income of $127.09 million plays a crucial role in diversifying the bank’s income sources, contributing to overall financial resilience.

Expense Management and Profitability

Effective expense management is evident in the bank’s financials. Interest expenses have risen to $197.45 million, a reflection of the broader economic environment.

However, the bank has managed to control noninterest expenses, keeping them at $299.84 million.

This careful balance has resulted in a commendable net income of $127.62 million, with profitability metrics such as return on assets at 1.64% and return on equity at 17.75%.

Loan and Lease Portfolios

The composition of the loan and lease portfolios is critical to understanding the bank’s financial health.

With net loans and leases valued at $21.49 billion, the bank has shown a strong commitment to supporting its customer base through various lending products.

The provision for loan losses is managed at $115.39 million, ensuring that potential risks are adequately covered.

Deposits and Funding Sources

Deposits form the cornerstone of the bank’s funding strategy. With $26.08 billion in deposits, the bank ensures a steady and reliable source of funds.

This is complemented by other funding mechanisms that contribute to the overall financial stability and support the bank’s lending activities.

Capital Ratios and Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining robust capital ratios is essential for regulatory compliance and financial stability. The leverage ratio stands at 9.91%, while the CET1 ratio is 11.18%.

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These ratios reflect the bank’s strong capital position and its ability to meet regulatory requirements effectively. The total capital ratio of 13.42% further reinforces the bank’s solid capital base.

Future Outlook and Strategic Initiatives

Looking ahead, First National of Nebraska is poised for continued growth. Strategic initiatives aimed at expanding its market presence and enhancing financial performance are underway.

These include innovative financial products and services designed to meet evolving customer needs. The bank’s proactive approach to navigating economic challenges positions it well for future success.

FAQs about First National of Nebraska

FAQs about First National of Nebraska

What is First National of Nebraska?

The bank is a major financial holding company based in Omaha.

When was First National of Nebraska founded?

First National of Nebraska was founded in 1857.

What services does First National of Nebraska offer?

The bank provides:

  • Personal banking: Checking, savings, loans, mortgages.
  • Business banking: Commercial loans, treasury management, business accounts.
  • Wealth management: Investments, retirement planning, trust services.

Where is the headquarters of First National of Nebraska located?

The headquarters is in Omaha, Nebraska.

How large is First National of Nebraska?

First National of Nebraska is one of the largest privately held banks in the U.S.

What is the mission of First National of Nebraska?

To provide exceptional financial services and maintain strong community ties.

What distinguishes First National of Nebraska from other banks?

It’s privately held, family-owned, and committed to personalized service and community involvement.

Who are the key executives at First National of Nebraska?

Key executives include the President and CEO, along with senior leaders in finance, operations, and customer service.

What are some recent achievements of First National of Nebraska?

Expanding services, enhancing digital banking, and earning community service awards.

How can customers contact First National of Nebraska?

  • Phone: Customer service hotlines.
  • Online: Official website and online banking.
  • In-person: Bank branches and offices.


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