What is the Fifth Third Bank Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

What is the Fifth Third Bank Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024: Finance Performance Overview

Discover Fifth Third Bank net worth in 2024 with Ando Money. We break down their market cap, total assets, and financial health to give you a clear picture.

Quick Facts

NameFifth Third Bank
Full NameFifth Third Bancorp
FoundersBank of the Ohio Valley, Fifth National Bank, Third National Bank
Country/TerritoryUnited States
HeadquartersCincinnati, Ohio
Chief Executive OfficerTimothy N. Spence
Number of Employees19,112
Market Cap$23.49 billion
Total Assets$215 billion
Total Equity$22.21 billion
Revenue$7.90 billion
Net Income$2.66 billion

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap of Fifth Third Bank in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap of Fifth Third Bank in 2024?

Fifth Third Bank ‘s market cap in 2024 is $23.49 billion, placing it among notable financial institutions.

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When comparing this with other banks in the industry, State Street Corporation has a market cap of $23.90 billion, while First Citizens BancShares is valued at $20.47 billion.

In contrast, U.S. Bancorp stands significantly higher with a market cap of $67.39 billion. This comparison highlights Fifth Third Bank’s competitive position within the prominent banks in the USA.

It’s essential to note that market capitalization reflects the total value of a company’s outstanding shares, offering insights into its overall market valuation.

Fifth Third Bank Financial Performance Overview

Fifth Third Bank Financial Performance Overview

Analyzing Total Assets

Fifth Third Bank (5/3 Bank) holds an impressive $215 billion in total assets. This figure is derived from a diverse portfolio that includes consumer loans, commercial loans, and various securities.

The asset base is crucial for understanding the bank’s capacity to generate revenue and support its operations.

Recent acquisitions have also bolstered the bank’s assets, demonstrating a strategic approach to growth.

Evaluating Equity and Capital Ratio

Equity plays a vital role in the bank’s financial health. With a total equity of $22.21 billion, 5/3 Bank maintains a strong foundation for absorbing losses and supporting expansion.

The CET1 capital ratio of 10.44% further underscores the bank’s robust capital position, ensuring financial stability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Examining Earnings and Profitability

5/3 Bank reported net income of $2.66 billion. This profitability is driven by key revenue streams such as interest income and noninterest income.

Interest income, derived from loans and other interest-bearing assets, remains a significant contributor to the bank’s earnings.

Noninterest income, which includes fees from services like wealth management and mortgage banking, also plays a crucial role.

Profitability metrics such as return on assets (0.98%) and return on equity (11.6%) provide insights into the bank’s efficiency in generating profits from its assets and equity.

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These figures indicate a well-managed institution that balances revenue generation with cost control.

The Role of Deposits in Financial Structure

Deposits are the lifeblood of any bank, providing the necessary funds for lending and investment activities.

5/3 Bank has an average deposit base of $168,122 million, comprising various types of deposits such as demand deposits, interest checking accounts, and savings accounts.

The loan-to-deposit ratio of 71% reflects a balanced approach to managing liquidity and risk.

Noninterest Income and Its Impact on Finances

Noninterest income is a significant component of Fifth Third Bank’s revenue. Sources include service charges on deposits, which generated $151 million, and wealth and asset management revenue, contributing $161 million.

Mortgage banking revenue also added $54 million to the bank’s coffers. This diversification of income streams helps mitigate the impact of fluctuations in interest rates and economic conditions.

Assessing Loan and Lease Portfolio

Fifth Third Bank’s loan and lease portfolio is diversified across commercial and consumer loans. The commercial loan segment, including commercial and industrial loans, totaled $72,796 million.

Consumer loans, including residential mortgages and credit cards, amounted to $44,538 million.

The bank’s focus on maintaining high credit quality is evident in its low nonperforming asset ratio of 0.64% and a net charge-off ratio of 0.38%.

Expense Management Strategies

Effective expense management is crucial for maintaining profitability. Fifth Third Bank reported $1,342 million in noninterest expenses, a slight increase from the previous year.

Key areas of expenditure include compensation and benefits at $753 million, and technology and communications expenses totaling $117 million.

The bank’s focus on controlling costs while investing in growth areas ensures sustained profitability.

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Regulatory Environment and Influence on Finances

The regulatory environment significantly impacts 5/3 Bank’s operations. Compliance with regulations ensures stability and protects the bank from legal and financial risks.

Recent regulatory changes and their implications on the bank’s financial performance are closely monitored, ensuring adherence to standards and proactive management of potential challenges.

FAQs about Fifth Third Bank

FAQs about Fifth Third Bank

What are the customer service hours?

5/3 Bank’s customer service operates from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on Saturdays. The service is closed on Sundays.

How do I set up online and mobile banking?

To set up online and mobile banking, visit the Fifth Third website and click on Log In. Select Register next to First-Time User and follow the prompts. You’ll need your account details to complete the registration.

Can I make payments on my loan through the mobile app?

Yes, you can make loan payments through the Fifth Third mobile app, online banking, by phone, or by mailing a check or money order to Fifth Third Bank.

How do I enroll in Zelle?

To enroll in Zelle, log into your online banking profile and update your contact method. You can then use Zelle to send money to anyone using their email address or mobile phone number.

What types of loans does Fifth Third Bank offer?

5/3 Bank offers a variety of loans including mortgage loans, personal loans, auto loans, and specialty loans.

What is Fifth Third Bank’s routing number?

5/3 Bank’s primary routing number is 042000314. For specific routing numbers for wire transfers or different regions, check with customer service.

How do I get a payoff amount for my loan?

To get a payoff amount, log into your account via the Fifth Third mobile app or online banking. You can also call customer service for this information.

Does Fifth Third Bank offer business banking services?

Yes, 5/3 Bank offers a range of business banking services including commercial lending, treasury management, and international banking solutions.

What should I do if I have trouble making loan payments?

If you’re having difficulty making loan payments, contact 5/3 Bank immediately to discuss available assistance options. You can reach out via online banking, the mobile app, or by calling customer service.

How secure is the Fifth Third mobile app?

The Fifth Third mobile app is highly secure, utilizing encryption and multiple layers of authentication to protect user data and transactions.


Fifth Third Bank’s net worth and financial standing in 2024 offer valuable insights. For detailed analysis, visit andomoney.com and stay informed with Ando Money.

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