What is the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024?

What is the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Net Worth/ Market Cap in 2024?

Curious about Banco Popular de Puerto Rico net worth in 2024? Dive into its financial performance, revenue streams, and investment strategies with insights from Ando Money.

Quick Facts

NamePopular, Inc.,
Full NameBanco Popular de Puerto Rico
Traded asBPOP
FoundersRafael Carrión Sr. and Manuel Muñoz Barrios
Country/TerritoryPuerto Rico
HeadquartersHato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chief Executive OfficerIgnacio Álvarez
Number of Employees9,132
Market Cap$5.92 billion
Total Assets$69 billion
Total Equity$5.18 billion
Revenue$541.3 million (2023)
Net Income$103.3 million (Q1 2024)

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico in 2024?

What is the Net Worth/ Market Cap Of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico in 2024?

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico has a market cap of $5.92 billion in 2024.

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This places it in a competitive position compared to other banks in the industry, such as Comerica with $7.36 billion and Webster Bank with $8.73 billion.

While it is not among the biggest banks in the USA, it remains a significant player, particularly in Puerto Rico and its surrounding regions.

Banco Popular Financial Performance Overview

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (Popular, Inc.,) has shown solid financial performance over recent periods. With a focus on net interest income, the bank has managed to increase its net interest income to $550.7 million in Q1 2024.

This was a rise from the previous quarter, indicating a strong capacity to generate income from its interest-bearing assets.

The net interest margin also improved to 3.16% from 3.08% in the previous quarter, reflecting better efficiency in earning interest income.

Banco Popular Financial Performance Overview

Detailed Analysis of Revenue Streams

Breaking down the revenue streams of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, we see significant contributions from both interest and non-interest income.

Interest income remains the primary source, largely driven by the bank’s extensive loan portfolio.

Non-interest income, although slightly decreased to $163.8 million, continues to play a critical role. This income comes from various sources, including service fees and investment activities.

Asset Management and Valuation

Asset management is a key area where Banco Popular excels. The bank holds a diverse portfolio of assets, valued at $69 billion.

These assets include loans, securities, and other financial instruments. Effective asset management has been crucial in maintaining and growing the bank’s net worth.

By carefully managing these assets, Banco Popular ensures a steady income stream and financial stability.

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Investment Strategies and Financial Stability

Investment strategies at Banco Popular are designed to maximize returns while maintaining financial stability.

The bank has adopted conservative yet effective investment strategies, focusing on high-quality securities and prudent lending practices.

This approach has helped the bank navigate through economic uncertainties, ensuring sustained revenue growth and financial health.

Credit Quality and Loan Portfolio

Credit quality is another critical aspect of Banco Popular’s financial performance. The bank has managed to keep non-performing loans (NPLs) at a low level, with a ratio of 1.0% of total loans.

This is a testament to the bank’s effective risk management practices. The loan portfolio continues to grow, contributing significantly to the bank’s revenue.

Role of Regulatory Compliance in Financial Health

Regulatory compliance is essential for maintaining the financial health of Banco Popular.

The bank adheres to stringent regulatory requirements, which helps in building investor confidence and ensuring operational stability.

Compliance with regulations also minimizes the risk of financial penalties and other legal issues.

Shareholder Equity and Dividend Policy

Shareholder equity for Banco Popular stands at $5.18 billion. The bank has a consistent dividend policy, providing regular returns to its shareholders.

This policy not only helps in retaining investor interest but also reflects the bank’s strong financial position. By maintaining a robust equity base, Banco Popular ensures long-term financial stability and growth.

Economic Impact and Community Involvement

Banco Popular plays a significant role in the Puerto Rican economy.

Through various community involvement initiatives, the bank contributes to the overall economic development of the region.

These initiatives not only have a positive social impact but also enhance the bank’s reputation and customer loyalty.

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Future Financial Outlook and Strategic Goals

Looking ahead, Banco Popular aims to continue its growth trajectory by focusing on expanding its revenue streams and maintaining financial stability.

The bank has set strategic goals to enhance its market presence and improve operational efficiency.

Potential challenges include economic fluctuations and regulatory changes, but the bank is well-positioned to navigate these with its strong financial foundation.

FAQs about Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

FAQs about Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

What is Popular, Inc.?

Popular, Inc. is a major financial services provider in Puerto Rico, the United States, and the Virgin Islands. It includes Banco Popular de Puerto Rico and Popular Bank.

What services does Popular, Inc. offer?

The bank provides retail, mortgage, and commercial banking, auto leasing, investment banking, broker-dealer services, insurance, and digital banking.

What are the key recent initiatives of Popular, Inc.?

Popular, Inc. is expanding digital capabilities and modernizing technology through a multi-year transformation initiative.

What are the capital actions taken by Banco Popular?

Popular, Inc. repurchased shares through accelerated share repurchase agreements in 2022 to boost shareholder value.

How has the bank adapted its investment strategy recently?

In 2022, they transferred U.S. Treasury securities to the held-to-maturity portfolio to manage liquidity and interest rate impacts.

What are Banco Popular’s major business transactions?

In 2022, they completed the Evertec Transactions to acquire critical business applications, enhancing their technology infrastructure.

How does Popular, Inc. support its communities?

Banco Popular offers financial relief during natural disasters, supports community development, and provides payment relief options for impacted customers.


Explore Banco Popular de Puerto Rico’s financial journey and see how it stacks up against top global banks.

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