Banking’s Dirty Secret

Banks Are a Massive Contributor to the Climate Crisis

Over the last five years, some of the world’s biggest banks have invested more than $2.7 trillion of their customers’ money into fossil fuel industries¹.

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Behind Closed Doors

Is Shareholder Value Prioritized Ahead Of Our Planet’s Future?

Your Carbon Footprint Is Greater Than You Know

We all know we’re living in a climate crisis, but how do big banks fit into the emissions equation? You put your hard-earned money in a bank and then it just sits there, locked away in their vault, right? Not exactly. Your bank uses your money to invest in whatever, wherever they want (including entities that pollute the world). Fracking. Deforestation. Drilling. You name it. Your money… funding climate change.

Not All Banks Are Created Equal

It’s Time to Fund a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Radical Transparency

Everyday Banking as a Force for Good

At Ando, changing the world is as easy as changing your bank. We’re pioneering transparency in the financial industry, because it’s not enough to make promises about being green. Ando is committed to actively funding sustainable initiatives and providing you with unparalleled insight into the initiatives that make our world a better place.

What Makes Ando Different?

Tap below to discover how Ando is anything but your average bank.

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Smarter Banking

Adding money to your account, instantly increasing your planet-saving powers.

Innovative Insight

With our easy-to-use app, we make (dollars and) sense of exactly how your money helps fight climate change.

Clean, Green Investments

Sustainable transportation, regenerative agriculture, clean energy—we only invest in what is good for our world.

A More Beautiful Tomorrow

Together we are actively reducing carbon emissions in favor of a better future for all.

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