The Big Picture

Sustainable Banking Can Save the Planet

Ando was founded on the principle of Sustainable Banking, investing 100% of customer deposits exclusively and transparently in companies committed to fighting climate change. The banking sector should help stabilize the environment, not sabotage it.

Why We’re Here

Our Approach

Ando isn’t new to ”green,” environmentally responsible banking. The ideals of total divestment from fossil fuel investments and a steadfast commitment to total transparency with our customers are the very foundation of our company. We believe that banking can and should have a positive impact on our customers’ lives, their communities, and our planet.


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Your Ando Card

Not only does your Ando Visa Debit card earn you unlimited 1.5% cashback on every card purchase every day, but it’s made with over 75% post-consumer recycled PVC.

Ando is the Leader in Sustainable Banking

Social Responsibility

Traditional banks funnel your money into the fossil fuel industry, where Ando invests 100% of customer deposits exclusively in companies committed to fighting climate change.


The banking sector has always been secretive as to where it loans and invests your money, but Ando was founded on the principle of total transparency—you'll always know how we’re using your money.

Free Premium Features

We know paying surprise or hidden fees isn’t sustainable for you, and that’s why all of our premium banking features are absolutely free. Ando believes in putting money in your pocket, not taking it out.

The Real Deal

Alex Honnold Lives Sustainability

You know Alex Honnold is a legendary climber, but you may not know the level of his commitment to an overall sustainable life. From years of low-impact van life to his years-long quest to find the best banking option (Ando, natch), he’s as thoughtful and authentic as they come. Check out these videos of a day we spent with him where he talks the talk, walks the walk, and definitely climbs the climb.

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Sustainable Banking in Balance

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At Ando, our best-in-class banking services are geared toward putting money into your pocket, not taking it out. Earn unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase every day with our Ando Visa Debit card, have the chance to increase your interest rate to among the highest in the industry, start spending Friday’s paycheck on Wednesday, and avoid the hassle of overdraft with up to $200 of protection. All for free.

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