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Ando and Virginia Community Capital Bring Sustainability to a Virginia Veterinary Clinic

Pet Care Powered by the Sun

This past year, Ando is proud to have partnered with our friends at Virginia Community Capital (VCC Bank) to use your deposits in furthering our shared mission—funding green initiatives through Sustainable Banking. By choosing to bank with Ando, your money helped install a solar energy system in a Virginia veterinary clinic, a clean, responsible process that will generate approximately 36,000 kWh of renewable energy each and every year! Since it now operates fully under solar power, this pet clinic has dramatically reduced its carbon pawprint!  

But does a Veterinary Clinic Really Need to “go green?” Absolutely! While you may not think a veterinary office is energy-intensive, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) assures us it is, and those caring for our four-legged friends want to have the greenest impact on the environment possible. Extended office hours, heating and cooling needs, and the sophisticated, life-saving equipment used for diagnostics and surgeries demand more and more energy. As a result, while attending to our furry family members, clinics generate significant greenhouse gas emissions. Considering all this, installing a solar energy system reduced those emissions by approximately 33,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. That’s huge

According to the AVMA, “Many veterinarians are in a unique position to incorporate energy-saving practices into their clinics,” as over 30% of the U.S. industry’s Vets own their practice. Veterinary clinics are vitally important to their communities, and this Virginia office is demonstrating that they want to tread lightly and fully embrace how effective and feasible solar energy is. Thanks to you, Ando users, pets in one Virginia community (and their owners) are living healthier lives with a little help from the sun!

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