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Ando and VCC Bank Bring Solar to Church

Putting the “sun” back in Sunday!

Just like the corner grocery that turned into a supermarket and the hardware store that became the mega home center, places of worship have evolved in size and scope. And as they’ve grown to serve larger populations, faith-based organizations have embraced technology, utilizing all the bells and whistles that a small theater might. As a result, their energy needs—and environmental impact—have grown tremendously.   

Ando and our friends at Virginia Community Capital (VCC Bank) found one such place in New Jersey that wanted and needed a greener solution, and we were only too happy to help start them down the path toward clean, renewable energy! As champions of Sustainable Banking, we utilized your customer deposits to fund the installation of solar panels so that this community resource can continue to serve their members at a significantly lower financial and environmental cost. Together we’ve enabled some deserving Garden Staters to produce 111,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy per year. Hallelujah to that! 

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