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Ando and Virginia Community Capital Help Bring Sustainability to Manufacturing 

Who says you can’t manufacture sustainability?

Traditional manufacturing businesses have a bad reputation, and for some, deservedly so. For decades all across the country, it was far too common to see local landscapes dotted with huge smokestacks, churning out billowing clouds of who knows what into the air we breathe. But times are finally changing, and a new enlightened manufacturing sector knows it’s in their best interests to do what’s best for their bottom line and the environment. 

Ando and our partners Virginia Community Capital (VCC Bank) are proud to be working to help more and more manufacturing businesses develop environmentally responsible practices through an embrace of Sustainable Banking. We found one such business in Virginia that was just as committed to keeping their business green as we are! Thanks to you banking with Ando, we were able to fund the installation of a solar energy system, helping this Virginia manufacturer not just talk about “going green,” but actually doing it. They now expect an annual decrease in the production of 14,000 pounds of carbon dioxide while generating approximately 124,000 kWh of renewable energy. 

According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, businesses whose investors are dedicated to environmental sustainability are much more likely to implement green policies across all their manufacturing processes. So, thank you for choosing Ando so we can continue investing in businesses that want to invest in a greener future for us all.

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