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Satisfaction Comes from Helping Others

Ipsun Solar doesn’t just put glass panels on buildings, they’re all about people helping people fight climate change.  

An idea so important to them, it’s actually their business model. 

And with a three-fold mission of lowering utility bills in their community, providing solid jobs with good benefits and helping reduce fossil fuel use … it’s no wonder Ipsun was a perfect fit with Ando and our banking partner, Virginia Community Capital. 

Ipsun is also a fellow B-Corp, just like Ando! Such an honorable certification granted to companies that meet high standards of transparency, accountability and performance, balancing purpose and profit. 

Perfect alignment with Ando’s mission of banking with a purpose to help reverse climate change, in hopes of creating a cleaner and greener tomorrow. 

Even though many want to switch to sustainable energy — like solar — to become less dependent on fossil fuels, there’s just one little problem … money. They just can’t afford to make the switch. 

Oftentimes, the initial investment is out of reach financially for many families. And it isn’t always easy to get a renewable energy loan, especially now as we recover from the pandemic. 

With funding from Ando, Ipsun can take out loans for those in D.C. who can’t afford to get started, and absorb all of the upfront costs. Without funding from Ando’s online and mobile banking platform, Ipsun wouldn’t be able to provide their no-upfront cost model to their clients.  

And helping families switch from fossil fuels to solar makes Ipsun co-founders — Herve Billiet, CEO, and Joe Marhamati — very happy! They would love to offer the opportunity to everyone who wants solar.  

Basically, If you live in the D.C. area and want to switch to sustainable, renewable energy, Ipsun will do everything they can to help make that happen with solar power. And that’s very exciting to them … and us here at Ando. 

Being excited about renewal energy is nothing new for these two. They’ve been sharing a mutual passion for renewable energy for decades. Yes, decades. 

While Ipsun officially launched its business in 2016, the relationship between Billiet and Marhamati goes back much farther, to when they were collaborating together at the U.S. Department of Energy during the Obama administration.  

That’s where they joined forces … Marhamati, was an expert in renewable energy project finance and energy efficiency policy, while Billiet was a renewable energy veteran and master electrician.  

Billiet also designed the first Belgian solar car nearly two decades ago that placed 11th in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge — the world’s most prestigious solar car race, traveling 5 days across the entire length of Australia. 

And just like Billiet loved building that first Belgian solar car, he and Marhamati love building teams of passionate solar enthusiasts who care about helping others lower their utility bills with renewable energy … to fight against climate change.  

When it comes right down to at the end of every day, there isn’t anything more satisfying to their entire dedicated team of employees than helping others and helping create a more sustainable future. 

And here at Ando, we’re pleased to be just a small part of that. 

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