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Ando and Virginia Community Capital Help California Churches and Schools Go Green

Thanks to you banking with Ando, six new California properties are greener than ever!

There’s no denying that Ando and our partners at Virginia Community Capital (VCC Bank) love the West Coast -- after all, Ando is headquartered in sunny San Diego. And if you asked us our favorite part of living in California...that would be a tough one (it’s Taco Tuesday every day here). But really, it would have to be the incredible year-round outdoor living. Sunny skies and sandy beaches...the mountains and the ocean...natural beauty everywhere you look. While we enjoy all this today, we do so knowing that our children and their children might not be so lucky.

No, it’s not just you—it is hot in here. 2020 was the hottest year on record and the planet has been hotter than the 20th century average for the last 44 years in a row. According to Professor Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University, “Every year for the rest of your life will be one of the hottest on record.” These rising temperatures have worsened and extended wildfire seasons and created drought conditions not just in state of California, but all over the world. But you already know how bad things have gotten, and how banking with Ando is a huge way we can begin to affect real, substantive change.  

Ando is a pioneer in Sustainable Banking and the only bank that exclusively invests in Green Initiatives, and working with VCC Bank we’ve used your money to help fund solar energy systems on homes and buildings all over the country, including our own backyard of California’s Central Coast. Thanks to your support, we installed solar energy systems on six huge California community properties, including two schools! That’s six solar energy systems that will produce 773,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 711,000 pounds of carbon dioxide! EVERY YEAR.  Thanks for helping us show California that we care, and together we’re making a huge difference.

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