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Overarching Objective and Belief

We have great ambition at Ando. Even though greenhouse emissions continue to rise each year, we believe it is possible to decrease emissions globally and limit temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is our overarching belief and our objective.

This may seem overwhelming...or not possible...or even crazy.  Not only do we need to reduce emissions here in the U.S., but we must also reduce emissions across the globe!  How can we possibly accomplish this in such a relatively short amount of time that’s necessary for our survival?   

We gain comfort in knowing there have been other obstacles that, at the time, may have seemed as insurmountable to our ancestors (our national independence, abolishing slavery, winning WWII, putting a person on the moon).  We also gain comfort and are guided by words of inspiration from others.

“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

We believe the solution to our environmental crisis involves a reallocation of dollars, and requires a reimagining of banking. We also believe that once banking is reimagined in one country, it will be reimagined in other countries around the globe (sound, effective ideas sell themselves).


The good news is we have the money and the technology to decrease emissions and achieve our goals.  Banks and credit unions in the U.S. hold approximately $17 trillion in deposits. Globally, banks hold more than $100 trillion in deposits.  The deposits are provided by consumers--like you and me--and by businesses, held in various different types of accounts like checking, savings, CD’s, and money market funds. 

Banks use our deposits to make loans and purchase securities, and the loans are made to consumers and to businesses.  Below is a table that illustrates the total balance of loans made and securities purchased by banks in the U.S., and the amount held as cash.  In total, banks have over $17 trillion in loans and securities and $3 trillion in cash!

Reimagining Banking

Historically, there have been countless improvements to the traditional banking system. Some of these improvements have been made by the banking industry and some by those who oversee it.  For example, after the Great Depression when millions of Americans lost their savings due to bank failures, the federal government established FDIC Insurance to protect our deposits (up to $250,000) should a bank fail.   

There are two improvements we have implemented at Ando to improve the banking industry.  While we are the first to implement these improvements, we hope other banks will follow.  We believe these improvements have the power to transform banking in the U.S. and the world, reallocating the capital needed to significantly reduce emissions.  These two improvements are:

“Our pledge is simple: All loans made and securities purchased will be green, aimed at reversing the effects of climate change.”

  • #1. Transparency/Visibility. Do you know what your bank does with your it allocating your deposits to fund loans which further increase emissions? 98% of loans and securities funded by banks with your deposits are “brown”--these loans either further contribute to emissions and environmental degradation or do nothing to improve it. Providing complete transparency and visibility into what is funded drives accountability between Ando and our customers. It ensures we are delivering on our pledge to fund a better future.

  • #2. 100% Green Loans and Green Bonds. What pledge does your bank make to you? Our pledge is simple: All loans made and securities purchased will be green, aimed at reversing the effects of climate change. Where you put your money matters, and we want every available dollar going to make loans and purchase securities that reduce emissions. The only way to reach our environmental and emission targets is by investing in sustainable infrastructure and companies. This is why we like to say, changing the world can be as easy as changing where you bank!

By combining these two improvements, we create a path forward that empowers us to transform an industry which can then reallocate trillions of dollars to a sustainable future. 

We need your help 

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” ~African Proverb 

We need your help to change and improve the banking industry.  We believe that if enough people join this movement, other banks will follow.  With enough customer participation and enough banks signing up for the 100% Green Loan and Green Bond Pledge, we can reduce emissions and realize our overarching objective.  What once seemed like an impossibility is attainable if we follow Francis of Assisi’s advice and start by doing what is necessary and then possible.  Let’s make it happen! 

Written by:

JP McNeill | Chief Executive Officer

JP McNeill is the founder and CEO of Ando, the leader in Sustainable Banking, where 100% of customer deposits are invested in green initiatives. Environmental advocacy isn’t fashion or a lifestyle for JP--it’s at the soul of his life’s work.

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