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Providing Clean Energy and Good Jobs to Power the Future

Thanks to Ando customer deposits and our banking partner Virginia Community Capital helping fund sustainable energy companies like Skyview ventures, 140 low-to-moderate income housing units and eight charter schools in the Washington D.C. area are enjoying the benefits of solar energy. Plus, dozens of the area’s solar energy professionals are keeping their full-time jobs without any lapses in employment, pay, or benefits.   

In today’s renewable energy market, there are exceptional grant programs like Solar for All. Solar installers apply for these grants, and when awarded, they are required to complete each project within a specific timeframe. Once projects are completed, they can then apply for another round of funding. Unfortunately, during that funding wait time, solar installers too often face the dilemma of maintaining their workforce while waiting for the grants to be awarded to cover their payroll.  

Having identified that problem, Skyview Ventures came up with the much-needed solution. They purchased solar facilities built at a pre-negotiated price, whether they were part of the Solar for All program or not. This allowed their installer partners to work year-round, keeping their workforce busy and, best of all, employed.    

“Skyview Ventures believes in renewable energy and powering independence,” says Skyview President, Andy Karetsky. “We build communities and support those in them.  A part of resilience is the health of the community.”  

For Ando, it’s all part of a wonderful cycle--Skyview Ventures helps solar installers, the installers help their employees and those who want solar energy, and those who choose a renewable energy option like solar help foster a future far-less dependent on fossil fuels.

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