Plant Earth-Saving Trees with Change that Counts!

Banking with Ando is the easiest way to fight climate change thanks to innovative programs like Change that Countsᵀᴹ. By agreeing to round-up transactions made with your Ando Visa® Debit Card, you plant a tree every time you swipe (a $1.50 coffee becomes $2.00 and a 🌳), so get swiping and planting today!

Go to the app and enroll in Change that Counts, or get the app now.

How to Enroll in Change that Counts

Just like with all of our free premium features and programs, signing up to plant trees with Change that Counts is a breeze—you'll be swiping your way to a greener tomorrow in no time.

Step 1

Open the App and Tap the Card that reads Change that Counts

Turning on Change that Countsᵀᴹ is as easy as it gets! Just open the app, tap on the person icon on the top right of the home screen, then scroll down to “Empowering Your Money.” Now, tap Change that Countsᵀᴹ.

Step 2

Toggle on Change that Counts

Toggle the button to turn on Change that Counts. And... you’re done! Should in the future you choose to opt-out of the program, simply toggle the button to “off” and purchases made with your Ando Visa Debit Card will stop being rounded-up (and you’ll stop planting trees) the same day. However, the trees you already planted will remain in your Impact Center.

Step 3

Track Your Progress

Be sure to check your Impact Center regularly to track your tree-planting progress! And remember, even if the rounded-up amount of your purchase is even just a penny, you’re planting a tree by enrolling in Change that Counts. As you plant more trees, you’ll reach new levels in your Impact Center and earn new badges, starting as a Supporter and heading all the way to Icon!

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