Cactus makes perfect ... with Round Up Savings¹

Saguaro you doing with your savings plan? In a financial drought? Now you can start sticking to your savings plan when you enroll in Round Up Savings. Every time you make a transaction with your Ando Visa® Debit Card, we’ll automatically round up all your purchases to the nearest dollar, transferring the change directly to your Ando Savings Account.

Get Paid, Faster

Early bird gets the worm!

When you sign up for direct deposit, you’ll get your paycheck deposited to your Ando Spending Account as soon as the funds are available. No paper. No waiting. Just your hard-earned money up to two days early².


Glad to know my money is doing good.

- SeaCreature8: January 15

Round Up Savings

Save Your Spare Change, Change Your World

Sticking to your savings plan (while saving the planet) has never been easier! When you enroll in Round Up Savings, we will automatically round up all Ando Visa® Debit Card purchases and transactions to the nearest dollar—and transfer the change directly to your Ando Savings Account.

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