Pay Friends

Be the Friend Who Pays Everybody Back, First

Splitting the brunch bill? Settling up with Spike’s dog walker? Ando makes it easy (and free) to instantly pay people. No IOUs. No fees. No excuses.

Manage Your Expenses, All in One Place

Send Money in an Instant

Super-fast fund transfers to fellow Ando users.

Payments in Your (Virtual) Pocket

No third-party apps needed when you pick up the bill.

Connect Your Contacts

Easily search and send money to other Ando users in seconds.

Always Free

Our “No Sneaky Fees” Philosophy

Paying extra to pay friends doesn’t add up — and neither do the wire fees charged by other mobile payment apps. That’s why sending and receiving funds between Ando accounts is always completely fee-free.

Member Benefits

Mobile Payments, Made Easy

Ando’s Pay Friends isn’t your average Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment system. Because it’s linked to your account in the Ando ecosystem, you can securely transfer money without downloading another app and paying all the extra fees.

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