Mobile Banking, Made Better

Designed for a Small Screen, Created to Have a Big Impact

With Ando, you get a world-class mobile banking experience and the features you want, including no-fee spending and high-yield savings accounts, so you can manage your money anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Benefits for Your Everyday Life

Early Paydays, Every Payday

Coming soon! With direct deposit, you can get paid up to two days early ¹ and access your funds before they are available at traditional banks.

Instant Alerts

Real-time push notifications to keep you safe and in the loop on all transactions.

Save Money

Zero monthly fees, no minimum balance, and a huge fee-free ATM network² means sustainable banking is more sustainable for everyone.

Earn More

With interest rates more than 3x the national average,³ saving just makes sense.

No overdraft fees with Covered™

Coming soon! We’ve got you Covered ™ on debit card purchases, minus all those extra overdraft fees. Requirements apply.⁴

Impact Center

How Are You Helping To Save the Planet?

A first in banking, Ando offers you unparalleled insight into where your money is going so you know exactly how you’re helping to fund environmentally-positive efforts, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Banking That Has Your Back

Give Thieves the Cold Shoulder

Notice some suspicious activity? Use your Ando app to freeze your card and instantly put a stop to illegitimate charges.

Instant Alerts

Stay Stress-Free and In The Know

Real-time push notifications keep you and your account safe, so you don’t have to think twice about your balances.

Pay Friends

The Best Way to Pay Back Your BFFs

Whether it’s splitting dinner or paying for that weekend house rental, with Ando you can square up and send money to other account holders when you need to—without any extra transaction fees.

ATM Finder

Fee-Free Cash Freedom

Ando’s interactive map enables you to find a location where you can get unlimited, fee-free withdrawals¹ at one of 34,000+ MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide.

Send a Check

Because Sometimes You Need to Mail a Check

Some people just like paper. Now you can send a check directly from Ando—make a request, confirm the details, and swipe to send. No checkbook, signature, or postage needed.


Since 2010, the price of solar has decreased by 89%, and it’s now the cheapest electricity in history.

-Marcel Alers | UNDP Head of Energy | UN News : How Small Changes Make Big Differences

Better Banking For a Better Planet

Open an Ando account today to help fund a more sustainable tomorrow.