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Your Impact Center

Ando’s Impact Center is all about transparency. It’s about seeing where your money is allocated and discovering the power you have to change the world. It’s about inviting friends to join you to make a difference and building a community that's helping to exponentially reduce carbon emissions in favor of a more sustainable future.

Your Allocations

Follow The Money

A first in banking, now see exactly where your money is going and how it’s being used to fight climate change.¹ We give you unparalleled insight into your money’s direct impact across five high-level categories (think clean energy and sustainable transportation) and more than 30 initiatives so you can have peace of mind knowing exactly how your money is working for you—and your planet.

Friends -> CO2 -> Trees

Calculating Your Carbon Reduction

Given your balance and the average balance of your friends, we can calculate the effective reduction in pounds of CO2.² To make it easier to understand, we convert those pounds of CO2 into tree equivalents. That means every $175 in your account balance (plus the estimated average daily balance of at least $250 for every friend traced back to you) directed to green initiatives reduces annual carbon output equivalent to one fully mature tree.³ But make no mistake—we’re not about planting trees for tomorrow, but investing in industries that can change the world today.

Change that Counts

Plant 100,000 Trees and We’ll Do the Same

To kickstart Change that Counts, our new tree-planting program, Ando will match the first 100,000 trees planted with 100,000 more. Just agree to round up your debit card purchases, and every swipe plants a tree (no shovel required).

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