Ando’s Rewards and Emissions Reduction Calculations

We arrive at our claim that an average U.S. consumer can earn $250 annually by using the following data:

Ando obtained information on typical banking behavior of US consumers from the Federal Reserve.

The Ando Visa Debit Card pays 1.5% cashback on every card swipe.

Successfully referring a friend that becomes an active Ando user earns the referrer $15, and we assume the average consumer will refer 2 friends.

Successfully referring two friends per year increases the referrer’s savings account Annual Percentage Yield to 2.00%

We arrive at our claim that an average consumer can cut their average CO2 emissions by 50% annually by using the following data:

According to the Nature Conservancy, through everyday activities, the average person in the U.S. emits 32,000 lbs. of CO2 per year. This figure was developed through studies published in the Environmental Science & Technology Journal (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2014, 48, 2, 895–902).

Ando tracks the projects funded by Ando customer deposits, and can quantify the C02 reductions achieved by those projects by understanding the project type such as solar or wind. By analyzing customer banking behavior using information from the Federal Reserve, Ando can predict the likely amount of a customer’s monthly account balances. Ando can then quantify a customer’s individual C02 reductions as an estimated portion of overall C02 reductions achieved through Ando customer deposits. The positive environmental impact of Ando’s green investments is 0.53 pounds of CO2 per $1 invested.

Reductions estimates also consider trees planted on behalf of customers. We assume the average consumer will opt-in to Ando’s Change that Counts program and plant an average of 15 trees per month.

The average mature hardwood tree sequesters 48 pounds of CO2/year.

Due to more money being available for investment, Ando assigns a credit of 2364 lbs. of CO2 reduced per friend successfully referred based on the anticipated average value of a referred account.