Start living your best life ... up to 2 days early!¹

Let’s get this party started! With direct deposit to your Ando account, you can start spending up that hard-earned money before it would be available at a traditional bank. You work hard for your money ... now get it up to 2 days early¹.

Get Paid, Faster

Early bird gets the worm!

When you sign up for direct deposit, you’ll get your paycheck deposited to your Ando Spending Account as soon as the funds are available. No paper. No waiting. Just your hard-earned money up to two days early¹.


Glad to know my money is doing good.

- SeaCreature8: January 15

Easy Set-Up

Automatically Set-Up Direct Deposit

We’ve made signing up for Direct Deposit easy. Just scroll through the options to find your payroll provider and enter your account information. (If you don’t see your provider, you can enroll manually.) Then decide on the percentage to have deposited each paycheck. Remember--enrolling in Direct Deposit will make you eligible for Early Pay, the ability to access your paycheck up to 2 days early.

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