Change that Counts = 1.5% Cashback

Earn Unlimited 1.5% Cashback while planting trees!

Just by using your Ando Visa Debit Card, you could be planting planet-healing, carbon-capturing trees and earning 1.5% cashback with every rounded-up transaction¹. Sign up now and get started!

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Planting trees is easy and rewarding!

Carbon Capture

A mature hardwood tree captures 48 lbs. of CO2 each and every year. Over the lifespan of a tree, that’s a significant benefit to the environment.

Earn Unlimited 1.5% Cashback

With every rounded-up transaction, you will receive 1.5% cashback ¹. Saving the world and earning cashback, now that’s sustainable banking!

Increase Your Impact

By planting trees, you are reducing your CO2 emissions and you will see your personal Impact level up in Ando’s Impact Center.

A Win / Win Scenario

Earning Cashback is Good for You and Great for the Planet

Earning unlimited 1.5% cashback is good for your wallet and even better for the environment when you enroll in Change that Counts. The more you use your Ando Visa Debit Card and account, the more we can invest in projects and companies that share our commitment to fighting climate change¹.

Quick & Easy

Set Up Takes Less Than a Minute

Simply go to your profile screen in the Ando app, scroll down and tap on the Change that Counts under Empowering Your Money, and then toggle the button “on.” Done! Now, not only are you planting trees, but you are also earning unlimited 1.5% cashback¹.

A Tree for a Tree = 😀🌎

Plant the First 100,000 Trees and We'll match Them

To kickstart Change that Counts, our new tree-planting program, Ando will match the first 100,000 trees planted with 100,000 more. Just enroll in Change that Counts and every rounded up transaction plants a tree (no shovel required). Plus, you will earn unlimited 1.5% cashbackt¹.

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