Get In Control with Climbing Legend

Alex Honnold

For decades, traditional banks have pumped trillions of dollars into polluting fossil fuel industries, and you had no control. That’s what’s so exciting about Ando - we invest 100% of deposits into green initiatives like renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Finally, you're in control, able to bank with a company that shares your values and uses your money to help heal the planet.

Beyond Free Solo

Equal Parts Climber and Environmentalist

For those of you who may not know, Alex Honnold has spent most of his life as a rock climber “free soloing,” climbing sheer mountain faces without ropes (as seen in the movie Free Solo). And since he spends most of my time in places of incredible natural beauty, he’s always been passionate about the environment and preserving our amazing planet for future generations to enjoy. This is why he was so eager to partner with Ando and help us further our cause of reversing the effects of climate change. Lots of people talk the “green” talk, but Ando puts our money (and yours) where their mouth is.


Easy Setup

Automatically Set-Up Direct Deposit

Adding money to your Ando account couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve completed sign-up, enroll in Direct Deposit. Just scroll through the options to find your payroll provider and enter your account information. (If you don’t see your provider, you can enroll manually.) Then, decide how much of your paycheck to have deposited into your account—a small percentage or the whole thing. Remember--enrolling in Direct Deposit will make you eligible for Early Pay¹, the ability to access your paycheck up to 2 days early.

Sustainable Banking in Balance

Upgrade Your Banking with Ando’s Free Premium Features

At Ando, our best-in-class banking services are geared toward putting money into your pocket, not taking it out. Earn unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase every day with our Ando Visa Debit card, have the chance to increase your interest rate to among the highest in the industry, start spending Friday’s paycheck on Wednesday, and avoid the hassle of overdraft with up to $200 of protection. All for free.

Sustainable Banking

Ando Delivers a 27x Impact⁴

Alex chose the leader in Sustainable Banking because it’s absolutely the best way to have the biggest positive impact on reversing the effects of climate change. Yes, simply banking with Ando can be 27x more effective than going vegan, taking shorter showers, putting solar panels on your roof, or recycling. How incredible is that? And since you have to bank somewhere, this is a no brainer.

Change that Counts

Plant 100,000 Trees and We’ll Do the Same

To kickstart Change that Counts, our new tree-planting program, Ando will match the first 100,000 trees planted with 100,000 more. Just agree to round up your debit card purchases, and every swipe plants a tree (no shovel required).

Always Free

Our "No Sneaky Fees" Philosophy

Paying extra to pay friends doesn't add up - and neither do the wire fees charged by other mobile payment apps. That's why sending and receiving funds between Ando accounts is always completely fee-free.

Bank with Confidence

Highly Safe

Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC.

Highly Secure

Visa’s Zero Liability policy means you aren’t responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Ando debit card.⁵

Highly Supported

We’re here for you! Give us a call 7 days/week from 9 am to 9 pm EST at 1-844-960-3939 to speak to our Consumer Success Team.

Stay Connected to Our Climate

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