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Invite friends and watch your money grow!

Invite up to five friends to join Ando and you can boost your savings account interest rate up to 5.00% annual percentage yield on balances up to $5000¹. That’s one percent per friend! Plus, you and each friend can earn up to $15² with Ando friend referrals. Together, you’ll be banking for a cleaner, greener tomorrow!


Share your link with friends to earn up to $15 and up to 5% Annual Percentage Yield on balances up to $5,000.

The more of your friends who join, the more you’ll earn and boost your interest rate. Plus, you’ll be helping to create a greener and cleaner world.

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More the Merrier!

Watch your money bloom

When you open your fee-free Ando Savings Account, you’ll start out earning .17% annual percentage yield. Then, with Grow Your Savings™, you’ll increase your rate to 1.00% APY when you make at least five Ando Visa® Debit Card transactions every month and enroll in Early Pay™ with a minimum of $500 in direct deposits within a 31-day rolling period. Then keep inviting friends to increase your interest rate up to 5.00% APY¹.


Glad to know my money is doing good.

- SeaCreature8: January 15

Invite Friends. Reap the Rewards.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

It’s super simple to earn extra interest and cash toward a down payment or to take that much-needed trip. Here’s how:

  1. Start inviting friends. With Grow Your Savings™, you’ll earn 2.00% annual percentage yield on savings account balances up to $5,000¹ when two friends use your referral link to open an Ando account and become active customers.
  2. When your third friend does the same as your first two friends, you’ll bump up to 3.00% APY on balances up to $5,000¹. Up to 4% APY with your fourth friend, then up to 5% APY with your 5th friend — with the same balance requirements.
  3. You and your friend can earn up to $15²! First, you’ll receive $5 in your Ando Spending Account after a friend opens an account, and then you both activate your Ando Visa® Debit Cards. Then, receive an additional $10 in your Ando Spending Account when your friend deposits at least $100 or more and completes five Ando debit card transactions within the first 45 days after opening their account.

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